Plamen Dereu is a singer, performer and music producer. He begins expressing his artistic nature from an early age, especially his passion for music. As a teenager he takes part in several theatre and dance groups.


In 2007 a serious car crash becomes the turning point in Plamen's life. After his recovery he starts taking singing lessons. In 2009 he ends up as one of the 13 finalists in Music Idol in Bulgaria. Right after the final of the show Plamen is ready to bring things to a whole new level and moves to the Netherlands where he begins writing and producing his first songs.


"I still remember my childhood dream - becoming a singer or a spaceman. Being in possession of an inquisitive nature, burning to find out what lies beneath, wondering what makes the world go round, I've got 1 simple answer: Money?! (They said so in "Cabaret"...)"

Plamen is te boeken voor:

Cafe's: 2 Sets van 45 min.

Privefeest; Max. 2 sets van 45 min.

Festivals e.d.;3 sets van 30 min of 2 sets van 45 min.

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